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With this massage device will have a professional masseur in your home and make you...

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With this massage device will have a professional masseur in your home and make you massage in shoulder, back, waist and legs.

It has 4 cylinders, which are balls massage and improve blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve your body.

The device has handles to the place where you wish and exert the appropriate pressure.

It also has infrared radiation which can be turned on in conjunction with massage.

The revolutionary device will help you to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, will have a positive effect on the vascular system while the infrared radiation will enhance the positive qualities of massage and help the internal tissues of the body sas.Tin this device you to have it at home, in the office and even on the trip.

It is simple to use, with no unnecessary cables.


Portable and very light neck massager, neck, back, etc.
It features easy operation dimmable and uptime.
infrared mode that enhances the positive qualities of simple massage.
It has 4 massage rollers.
Made of excellent materials.
The fabric covering the device is soft to be comfortable and hypoallergenic.
It has 3 function buttons.

The package includes:

Adapter for connection to the mains.
12 Volt Power Adapter (Works in the position of the car cigarette lighter).



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